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Daylight “Saving”

My sister and her hubby live in the Sai Kung for the last two decades. Dogs have been part of their life, they are their friend, companion and family. Inevitably their loving pet passed, one after the other. Just when they decided not to have anymore dog……….they saw “daylight”.

It was a wonderful evening, family gathering, a drink or two, BBQ, laughter, and so on. Just when you think the evening cannot get any better, along came a cute little puppy at the front gate. Look lost but healthy, although at the skinny end of the scale he took over all attention effortlessly. Since then, he hang around and promoted himself “Guard Dog” of the property. Before long, the couple made it official. A trip to the vet was the first thing on the agenda, but the “dark pass” of the puppy emerged.

A short trip in the car seem impossible. The poor puppy was intimidated by the car, extremely irritated and will not get into the car no matter how hard the couple try. It’s now obvious, his last ride was the last time he saw his trusted ex-owner, his ride to abandon, loneliness and desperation. A car ride could be the beginning of another end, too much of a gamble for the little puppy.

The ride never happen, now that the puppy became a full grown good looking dog. the couple name him “Daylight”. A wonderful name, I think all parties saw daylight. Who save who? You tell me!

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